26-03-2023: The application might raise an error on mac along the lines of "File/App is damaged and cannot be opened". See this article how to open and use the application. You might need to re-open the zip after fixing

PySoar is a desktop application for the analysis of gliding competitions. It uses the IGC files of a competitionday to calculate performance indicators (e.g. average thermal strength, cruise speed). These calculations are performed for each flight and exported to a spreadsheet for easy comparison.

Getting PySoar

Download links for the latest version are provided on top of the page. The only prerequisite is a program to open the spreadsheet (Excel or OpenOffice). Older versions of PySoar can be found on the GitHub release page.

Download stats

Open source

PySoar is an Open Source project. This means that the source code is publicly available, enabling easy collaboration and re-use of (parts of) the code for different purposes. Visit the project's GitHub page for the code and have a look at the license when you want to re-use parts for your own project.